Magma13 Regeneration Room is designed to provide a unique space of coherence and revitalization in today's world.

The Regeneration Room stimulates the innate regenerative capacity of the human body.

The experience results in a profound sense of well-being, reconnection and rejuvenation.

Magma13, the name of the SOLS proprietary formula engineered in Switzerland, was developed after more than 20 years of research and has been studied in important research laboratories to validate its reparative and regenerative effects in both the cellular and environmental fields.


The modern environments in which we live, home, work, car, school and gym, where we spend more than 90% of our time. We design these environments for maximum technological efficiency, but often sacrificing a correct natural biorhythm and the balance of essential elements and resources for the body to live at its best. Technology generally improves our lives, but sometimes at the expense of an essential human-centered experience.


The adaptogenic properties of magma13 improve physiological processes, allowing for better resistance to stress and greater benefits for human well-being.

You will begin to experience a profound sense of regeneration and revitalization and will be able to better reconnect with your body, mind and ourselves.


The experience** in the Regeneration Room can give the following results:

● Feeling of energization

● Experience profound peace and tranquility

● Inspiration and creativity

● Silence and improved mental clarity

● Increased breathing capacity

● Improved pulse and blood circulation

● Improved concentration

● Intense relaxation

● Relief from stress and anxiety

● Increased speed of psycho-physical recovery

● Detoxification of the body

● Increased awareness and attention

● Ease of entering a meditative and proprioceptive state

● Improved mobility and flexibility of the body.



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