waste sorting

For us, doing the best possible waste separation is a duty towards the environment in which we live, towards our children and our grandchildren, towards whom we have the obligation to leave a sustainable and livable planet.

Thanks to separate waste collection we can both help our planet save its resources and reduce pollution. With this separate collection system, urban waste is grouped based on its type (paper, plastic, glass, aluminium, organic fraction) and destined for recycling, with consequent reuse of raw materials. Furthermore, integrated waste management can also make an important contribution to the fight against climate change and air pollution.



We have decided to eliminate disposable courtesy products and replace them with soap dispensers.

With these practical courtesy dispensers in dispensers, you can limit the use of single-dose products and consequently limit the production of waste.

Taking care of your courtesy line by choosing quality products, Made in Italy, compatible with new market needs and which significantly reduce plastic waste is a strategy that will surely also be appreciated by your guests.

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